Desk of the Principal
Mr. Sherwin James

Principal's New Year's Message

As we anticipate all the activities and events that the New Year will bring, please remember that your children receive the best education when the three supportive structures are in place;1) Godregularly taking them to church and being a part of the church family, 2) A positive and nurturing home life where Christ is lifted up and showing respect for God and family members, and 3) a Christian school that has an integrated faith-based learning environment.

The Bethesda Junior Academy has devoted and certified teachers that work together as a team to ensure your children's success. We are partners with you to fulfill your God-given responsibilities to instruct your children to be the 'head and not the tail.' Without a doubt, we are providing 'best practices' to help equip them in life skills and character building for this world and the world to come!

When we count numbers, we are also counting our blessings! God has provided the 'School of the Prophets' that is a lighthouse for this generation. Thank you for continued commitment in being a faithful partner.

May God richly bless you and your family as we work together in His vineyard!

In HIs Service,

Sherwin James


Principal: Sherwin James